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Seivah’s heart is its Care Buddies Program. Our Care Buddies with someone affected by dementia, you can do a world of good.

Care Buddies is a partnership between Seivah and Westchester Jewish Community Services to create “A Community Response to Dementia.” Seivah trains regular people how to communicate effectively with people with dementia, how to accept and see beauty in the silence and non-sequiturs, how to share insights sensitively with family members, and how to help the person with dementia stay creative and find meaning in life, despite their cognitive impairment. We match each volunteer with a person with dementia with a nearby person with dementia for weekly friendly visits.

If you live in or near Westchester County, contact us to explore becoming a Care Buddy for a family affected by dementia. If you live elsewhere and are interested in bringing Care Buddies to your area, contact us.

You will do real good that will make a real difference in someone’s quality of life. And you’ll get meaning out of it as well.



Now in its second year, Seivah: Life Beyond Memory pledges to build on its significant first-year accomplishments. In its second year Seivah will undertake more opportunities to include spirituality within memory-loss care-giving and will train more spiritual and palliative care companions for families with dementia.

Seivah is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization (IRS EIN 81-2479961). Your contributions help Seivah continue its important work. We will continue to keep administrative and management expenses low and to husband resources so that all donations go directly into building and maintaining spiritual and palliative support networks for families coping with dementia and memory loss.

Seivah’s ongoing work includes the following:

direct spiritual care to dementia patients and their families. For more information, please contact us at

Training and supporting volunteer spiritual companions. To become a long-term Seivah spiritual companion, please contact us at

Sermons and panels introducing Seivah’s spiritual care model to congregations and community organizations. For more information, please contact us at

Partnerships with the Center for Pastoral Education at Jewish Theological Seminary, DOROT, Westchester Jewish Community Services, Alzheimers Association of  the Hudson Valley, and several Metro NY synagogues. To discuss forming an organizational collaboration, please contact us at

Seivah’s 2016-2017 new initiatives will be made possible by generous contributions like yours, as well as by a Seeds of Innovation grant from Jewish Theological Seminary and an anonymous grant administered by the Penn National Family Trust.

Please make your fully tax-deductible online donation today via PayPal account or any major credit card, or by check made out to:

Seivah: Life Beyond Memory
69 Grandview Avenue
White Plains, NY 10605