I am proud to announce that Seivah is one of four winners of the 2016 Seeds of Innovation Grant from the Jewish Theological Seminary:


The Seminary awarded a two-year grant of $14,000 in order to help Seivah work with three Conservative synagogues to create spiritual care teams for people affected by dementia. As I put it in my proposal:

“The short-term purpose of this proposal is to educate three Conservative synagogues how to more effectively welcome, accommodate and help people families dealing with dementia, and to help them build the volunteer capacity, awareness and motivation to better the lives of people with dementia in their greater communities.

The longer term goal is to effect a cultural shift in the ways we talk about dementia and relate to people who experience it. We strive to to normalize and demystify dementia, and even to take advantage of the wisdom that people with dementia are still able to contribute to their communities. Our vision is a world in which a person who has recently been diagnosed with dementia feels comfortable telling sharing this news in his or her faith community, confident that in doing so he or she will receive both sincere gestures of empathy and concrete help toward spiritually preparing to walk a difficult road.”

If you belong to a Conservative or Masorti Synagogue that you would like to propose as a partner in this project, let Seivah know!